1. Select the route or track to be printed from My Collections, or from the Internal Storage of GPS.

2. Click on the "list file" for the route or track. (WARNING Do not go into the Properties Box first and then exit, and then try to print, or you may have to print all the pages of Way Points. You might have to "Print ALL" on the Print Screen, as the choice to print selected pages may be whited out.)

3. You may need to select a different "Select Map Detail Level" on the Tool Bar to get the map in the desired scale for the printing eg at 1:25k, for example you might need to adjust from "Medium" to "Highest".

4. Select "File" "Print". A rectangular box will appear on top of the map.

5. Carry out these actions, if needed first, in order to print exactly what you want as shown inside the box over the Map:-

• To adjust the zoom level of area to be printed, use the zoom tools.

• To move the area of the map to be printed, drag the map.

Select Page Setup to change the page preferences, such as changing map orientation to Landscape. Click OK.

[Select paper size (optional)].  [Select Printer to change the printer (optional)]. 

6.Select Print