When you send Geocaches to your GPS or if you have purchased a GPS like the  eTrex Touch range that come pre-loaded with 250k caches, you can view these Geocaches by going to the main menu of your GPS and then select the Geocaching Treasure Chest Icon.

The Geocaches will be displayed in order of the closest ones to you at the top of the screen.

Only Geocaches within 100 miles of your current location will be displayed on screen.

In order to search or view geocaches outside of this radius, utilize the "Search Near" option and select a map point within a 100 mile radius of the geocache you wish to view.

For assistance using "Search Near" on the Oregon 600-series or Monterra, please see the FAQ "Can I view points of interest at a different location on my Alpha 100, Montana or Oregon 600 series device?

To "Search Near" on the GPSMAP 64 series devices;

  1. Select Geocaches from the Main Menu
  2. Press Menu button
  3. Select Search Near
  4. Select an option for changing the area the device searches from

To "Search Near" on the eTrex Touch series devices;

  1. Press Power button quickly
  2. Select Geocaching
  3. Select Three Bars option
  4. Select Search Near
  5. Select an option for changing the area the device searches from

Utilizing the "Search Near" feature on these devices will allow you to search for geocaches outside the 100 mile radius from your current location with the GPS.