User data such as waypoints, routes, tracks and geocaches is often times irreplaceable and highly valued. Backing up data on a regular basis can decrease the chance of data loss.

Data backup is recommended: 

Before updating the device software

Before performing a master reset

To maintain an up to data database backup

To quickly edit user data and send it back to the device

To back up user data on the handheld GPS, download and install the BaseCamp program. This program can be downloaded at no charge from the Garmin website.

To backup the user data:

Connect the device to the computer using the provided USB cable

Power on GPS, if needed

Open up BaseCamp

Wait for GPS to be listed on the left side of the program

Right-click on folder below device

Select Copy

Right-click on My Collection*

Select Paste

Wait for the data to finish transferring

Right-click on folder below device

Select Eject

This will backup the user data from the GPS with a USB interface and save it in the My Collection folder. BaseCamp will automatically save all information in the My Collection folder.

To restore files to the device:

Repeat steps 1-4 above

Right-click on My Collection

Select Copy

Right-click on folder below the device

Select Paste

Repeat Steps 9-11 above

The data will now be transferred to the device.

*When right-clicking on My Collection, an option to select Add new list in library will be available. Choosing this option creates a list within the My Collection folder, which will help keep data more organized within BaseCamp by separating it from all other content.