The GPSMAP 64, eTrex Touch series and new Montana devices come preloaded with 250,000 geocaches from If you do not want these geocaches, they can be removed. In order to remove the files you will need to delete them from the GGZ folder internally. Deleting the GGZ files will permanently remove the preloaded geocaches from the device.

To delete* GGZ files from your mass storage device on a PC:

  1. Plug device into computer
  2. Click Window’s Start button
  3. Double-click (My) Computer
  4. Double-click Garmin device drive
  5. Double-click Garmin folder
  6. Double-click GGZ folder
  7. Select both the preload.ggz and preload.ver
  8. Press Delete on keyboard
  9. Confirm that selected file(s) wish to be deleted
  10. Right-Click on the Garmin device drive
  11. Select Eject
  12. Unplug device from computer

To delete* GGZ files from your mass storage device on a MAC:

  1. Plug device into computer
  2. Navigate to Desktop
  3. Double-click Garmin device drive
  4. Click Garmin folder
  5. Click GGZ folder
  6. Select the preload.ggz and preload.ver
  7. Drag file(s) you wish to delete to Trash
  8. Click on Trash
  9. Click Finder
  10. Click Empty Trash
  11. Confirm you wish to permanently remove these items
  12. Drag Garmin device drive to Trash
  13. Unplug device from computer

Your mass storage device will no longer display the data you have deleted.

* NOTE: Use CAUTION when deleting. Do not delete unknown files outside of the GGZ folder; deleting the wrong files from your mass storage device can cause device failure.