Start Up message for New Generation Garmin Outdoors units

It’s useful to have a personalised welcome message in the start up routine on your device; it should contain simple contact details in case of loss, like name, telephone number and maybe email address.


We know of several lost GPS that have been restored to their owners simply because they had added a welcome message with contact details. It’s easy to do if you follow these simple instructions.


  •  Connect your GPS to your PC
  • On your PC > go to My Computer and look for the drive the computer assigns to the internal memory of your device > which will read something like Garmin Oregon (E:) this is the internal memory of your device.Click on the drive > and select and click on the Garmin Folder
  • Look for the file labelled > startup.txt >click on the file to edit contents

  • Set the time the display message is displayed to 20 as it gives a bit more time for the message to be read
  • Add your message as seen below
  • When complete the completed file should look something like ours below
  • Once you are happy with the file changes then don’t forget to save them > go to File > Save.
  • If you do don’t have this file it should be pretty easy to create using Notepad or other similar program. 


Your Start Up message should read like this


<!-- Edit this file to display a message while your unit is powering on -->

<!-- Allow one full power cycle after editing for your message to be updated -->


<!-- Set the display number to the minimum number of seconds your message is displayed -->

<display =20>

<!-- Type your message on the next line -->"

This GPS belongs to GPS Training if found call 01669 621044