Several outdoor handheld devices have the LiveTrack feature which allows you to share your activity, in real-time, with friends and family through email, Facebook, and Twitter. To setup the Live Track feature, you will need a compatible device and a compatible iPhone or Android phone with the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

Compatible outdoor devices: 

eTrex Touch 35, 35t

GPSMAP 64s, 64st, 66s, 66st

Oregon 700 / 750 Series

Before starting, make sure the device software and the Connect Mobile app are up to date. 

Refer to the owner's manual for your device for instructions pairing to your smartphone.

Once paired, follow these steps to start the LiveTrack: 

Open Garmin Connect Mobile app on your phone

Navigate to the LiveTrack option:

On Android: Touch Menu (three lines in the top left corner)

On iPhone: Touch More (three dots in bottom right corner)

Touch LiveTrack

Enter a name for the LiveTrack if desired

Touch Devices

Select the unit you want to be tracked

Select how to send invites:


Touch Invite Recipients (iPhone users may need to adjust Privacy Settings)

Add email addresses


Touch to turn On/Off (May have to allow the app to post)

Touch Start LiveTrack

A link to access the LiveTrack of your activity will now be sent to the email addresses entered and shared through Facebook or Twitter.