If your eTrex 10/20/30 or 20x/30x is failing to perform as expected, it may be necessary to master reset the device. Master resets clear user settings by restoring the device to factory default settings. There are a few other troubleshooting steps that can be performed before a master reset. 

If your device is failing to provide an accurate position, distance or speed, an Auto Locate should be performed first to refresh satellite data. If the issue persists, continue with this article.

Often issues are caused by corrupt GPS user data, for example, waypoints, routes, tracks and geocaches. To attempt a backup of this data before removing it, reference the FAQ, “How do I back up user data from my outdoor GPS with a USB interface?” To remove this data from the device, reference the FAQ, “How do I delete GPX files from my mass storage device?” and delete all GPX files in the device.

To perform a master reset: 

Ensure the device is off

Press and hold menu and enter*

Press and release light/power

Wait to see, Do you really want to erase all user data?

Release Menu and Enter

Select Yes
The Device will reboot and then prompt you to select Language required

The device should now be reset to default factory settings, all user data should be removed, and the device should function as expected.

You will need to now work through our recommended setting guide re-entering all of our recommended settings into your GPS Device from the Setup Menu

* Press the center of the Thumb Stick.

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